Welcome to MicroFiction RowHouse!

[To contribute to the MfRh GoFundMe campaign, go here.]

For more than a decade, I have been installing my extremely short stories on the walls of private homes and art galleries. By means of a process called photocopy transfer, I print these site-specific stories directly on the walls, as well as on wood panels, canvas, paper, and other materials. 

I’ve long wanted to occupy an entire Baltimore rowhouse with these microfictions (10-50 words), installing stories that tell the history of a fictional family who lived in that home—their lives, hopes, trials, happiness and sorrows.

Recently, I decided to take the matter into my own home, using that familiar and intimate space to create my MicroFiction RowHouse. I will share my home with this fictional family and its spirits, writing dozens of stories and placing them on a variety surfaces in every room. The stories will be of many shapes and sizes to match the space they are printed on, the room they occupy, and tale they tell.

In a bid to fund the MicroFiction RowHouse, I launched a GoFundMe campaign. The campaign is meant to fund the project space, my time, materials, a large series of public events, and honorariums to the many artists who will lend their creativity to the project.

The installation will begin in August 2017, and throughout that month and September, I’ll host literary readings, art and writing workshops, musical performances, and an opening reception, all of which will be free to the public.

Workshops will include Microfiction Writing, led by me, Photocopy Transfer, led by encaustic painter Christine Sajecki, How to Rant: A Workshop, led by writer and performer Dylan Kinnett, and others. Readings will be hosted by poet Jamie Perez and fiction writer Justin Sanders. Musical acts include the psychedelic rock of Duchess and the DeadBirds the poetic harmonies of The Mole Suit Choir, and others.

There will be many incentive gifts to donors of the GoFundMe campaign, including the opportunity to have me custom write you a microfiction that you would then own. You would also receive a video of one of several art luminaries reading the story, including filmmaker, artist, and writer Stephanie Barber and novelist and short story writer Laura van den Berg. For other gifts, visit the GoFundMe page.

To read updates on the project, scroll down for more posts. Thank you for your support!

[To contribute to the MfRh GoFundMe campaign, go here.]


Time to Thank You Too

It’s been about a week and a half since last I thanked the many people who have helped out the MicroFiction RowHouse project and GoFundMe campaign, so here goes a list of folks who’ve donated time, money, advice and support since then. Again, if I forget to mention someone who has helped, my apologies! Feel free to let me know if I have.

Poet, writer and archivist Megan McShea

Computer information systems expert Maureen Vallette

Poet and musician Erik Wagner

Writer and arts organizer Douglas Mowbray 

Writer/editor/novelist Eric D. Goodman

Writer Paul Beckman



Sign-Up for Workshops at MicroFiction RowHouse

Dalton Ghetti

It’s time to start signing up for workshops for MicroFiction RowHouse! To sign up, just email me and tell me which workshop you are interested in. The workshops will be limited to 7 people, with priority seating given to those people who have donated $50 or more to the GoFundMe campaign. These are going to be great.

August 17, 6:30-8:30 pm: Microfiction Writing Workshop. Joe Young will lead a workshop in writing microfiction, tiny stories of 10 or 25 or 100 words. Get tips on cramming a whole lot of character, setting, conflict, etc, into a really small space. I’ve published a bunch of it, including my book of microficions, Easter Rabbit. Bring a notebook!

September 19, 5–7:30 pm: Photocopy Transfer Workshop. Wintergreen oil can be used to transfer a toner based image or text onto paper, wax, fabric, wood, and some other lucky substrates. Encaustic painter Christine Sajecki will demonstrate and teach several possibilities. We will have some odd photocopies and substrates but feel free to bring what inspires you. Keep in mind that your photocopy will transfer in reverse so make your photocopies in mirror mode (especially important for text transfers. More info on what to bring after signup.

September 30, 3–4:30 pm. How to Rant: A Workshop. Do you love to rant, but want to up your game? Are you clear on the difference between a rant and a complaint? Can you effectively run tangents while ranting? Come to the workshop and have fun with all this and more. Led by Dylan Kinnett.

[To contribute to the MfRh GoFundMe campaign, go here.]