It’s Time to Thank You

Although the MicroFiction RowHouse project and funding campaign is only about 4 days old, it’s already received a tremendous amount of support. I so very appreciate and thank everyone who’s given me that support!

Below is a list of people who have thus far lent their time, talents, donations, and/or enthusiasm and words of encouragement. Note that the list is far from exhaustive. So many people have shared my GoFundMe page, many of whom I’m not aware of doing so, and so many others have done their important part to encourage and advise me. My apologies if I left anyone out! Feel free to let me know if I have.

Flash fiction writer and workshop leader Kathy Fish

Musician Ryan Snyder

Poet Barrett Warner

Beat boxer and arts organizer Shodekeh Talifero

Filmmaker, artist, and author Stephanie Barber

Writer Justin Sanders

Band The Mole Suit Choir

Writer Bev Jackson

Writer and publisher Christopher James

Writer Robin Slick

Writer and teacher Elise Levine

Band Duchess and the DeadBirds

Writer and professor Laura Ellen Scott

Writer and publisher Ellen Parker

Poet and publisher Dylan Kinnett

Novelist Laura van den Berg

Director of User Experience Margaret Gebauer

Poet Jamie Perez

Writer and publisher Lesley Weston

Artist Kini Collins

Poet Andrew Klein

Writer and curator Heather Rounds

Writer and publisher Mike Young

Teacher Amy Sampson

Writer and publisher Adam Robinson

Artist Christine Sajecki

Poet, publisher, and teacher Amy McDaniel

Counselor Libby Holmes-Snyder

Architect Thagne Schreyer


[To contribute to the MfRh GoFundMe campaign, go here.]

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