MicroFiction RowHouse Event Schedule


[To contribute to the MfRh GoFundMe campaign, go here.]

Putting together the many events scheduled thus far for MicroFiction RowHouse has been pretty painless! Herding cats? Maybe, but the awesome, Victorian kind, the ones that lap milk and play with ribbons.

August Events

August 12: Duchess and the DeadBirds. Come hear a set played by Baltimore’s newest and best psychedelic band.

August 17: Microfiction Writing Workshop. I, Joe Young, will lead a workshop in writing microfiction, tiny stories of 10 or 25 or 100 words. Get tips on cramming a whole lot of character, setting, conflict, etc, into a really small space. I’ve published a bunch of it, including my book of microficions, Easter Rabbit.

August 24: The Mole Suit Choir. The harmonies, the banjo and guitar, the weird poetry of Liz and Rupert, in concert. They recently put out their second album!

September Events

September 9: Opening Reception. Come see the house all decked out in microfiction! They’ll be story and refreshments and people and fun.

September 14. Reading, Hosted by Poet Jamie PerezJamie will host a reading of writers, scheduled and curated by him. Poetry, fiction? Think so.

September 19: Photocopy Transfer Workshop. Learn how to transfer your text and images to a variety of surfaces–paper, wood, walls, even some kinds of stone–with wintergreen oil and a wooden spoon. It’s the way I’m putting the microfictions on my own walls. Led by encaustic painter Christine Sajecki, who has used the technique in her painting for many years.

September 21: Reading, Hosted by Writer Justin Sanders. Justin, famous host and curator of the well-missed Artichoke Haircut readings series, will host writers of his choosing.

September 30. How to Rant: A Workshop. Do you love to rant, but want to up your game? Are you clear on the difference between a rant and a complaint? Can you effectively run tangents while ranting? Dylan Kinnett, well-known and loved Rantperson, will teach you this fun stuff and more.


Note that workshops will be limited to 7 people, and also that these 7 spots will be held in priority for people who donate $50 or more to the MicroFiction RowHouse GoFundMe campaign. Info on how to sign up for workshops and specific times coming very soon!

[To contribute to the MfRh GoFundMe campaign, go here.]

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